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Is iOS’s Do Not Disturb While Driving driving you around the bend? Change its behavior | Macworld

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Schedule Do Not Disturb On Your Mac To Stay Focused [OS X Tips]

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Borderless Alerting Do Not Disturb is built for the mobile workforce. Remote Responses After receiving an alert you can remotely control your laptop from the iPhone application to take a picture using the MacBook camera or initiate a hard shutdown to trigger enabled FileVault disk encryption.

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Enterprise Ready Do Not Disturb easily integrates with your enterprise. Need Help?

How to Enable Do Not Disturb on Mac

Versions View Release Notes. Report a Bug Github Bug Tracking. On the other, they can become distracting and overwhelming. Selecting the Notifications tab will display all kinds of alerts that you can delete by clicking the X icon in the upper right-hand corner of the box. Alternatively, you can click the X to the right of Today if you want to clear all your notifications for that day.

At the bottom of the screen, you also have the option for notifications to be sorted by one of these three options: Recents, Recents by App, or Manually by App. From the Notifications settings in your System Preferences app, scroll to the top of the list and select Do Not Disturb. This will display options for automatically enabling Do Not Disturb at certain times of day, when the computer is hooked up to a projector, or during calls.

How to Set a Do Not Disturb Keyboard Shortcut on Mac

But notification overload may be a symptom of a much larger problem. Skip to content.

How to Enable "Do Not Disturb" Mode in Mac OS X Quickly

Contact Us. How to customize what is shown in your Notification Center If you would like to change which apps can display notifications on your computer: Open the System Preferences app. Select the Notifications icon.