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Updating and Inserting a Table of Contents in Word for Mac

Remember to check for this every time, though it may not happen every time. In addition: Keep the Doc Map closed when opening a document. Word appears to have improved the behavior of the DocMap so that it is less likely to ruin a properly formatted document.

However, if you keep the Document Map enabled so that it is automatically activated on opening a document, the Doc Map is still likely to add outline Level 1 to your document on opening and the Undo option will not be available. That's a bit drastic, but Outline View lets you do a lot more than simply navigate, if you follow the link to the article. If only a few paragraphs are affected, you can use the ResetPara command on the affected paragraphs. ResetPara will remove all direct paragraph formatting and reset the paragraph to only style-based formatting the Document Map adds outline Level 1 as direct formatting.

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ResetPara will not affect direct character formatting bold, italic, etc. You should be able to put the cursor in a misbehaving paragraph and hit Command-Option-Q, which is the default shortcut. If that keyboard shortcut does not work for you, you will need to dig the ResetPara command out of the Customize dialogs in order to access it.

It may be easier to use the code in the next option. My file works perfect now! PDF Creation is only one small aspect of Acrobat.

The instructions above seem to offer either links OR page numnbers but not both…. Are you using the PDF Makers and do you have them set to create hyperlinks? You might also try updating the TOC in Word. I have all check boxes marked as indicated but the no links within the Word document are retained in the PDF created. This problem did not occur prior to updating to Word You need Acrobat X for compatibility with Office Acrobat 9 came out more than two years before Office , so you will need to upgrade.

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Is there a way to create a link within text in a Word document that links to a specific area of text in a PDF document? This seems like it should be fairly straightforward but I cannot find a way to accomplish it. However, it is possible to do pass through advanced parameters via web browsers. This might be a deal-breaker for me. Update the TOC. TOC links come back. I have both platforms, but Office is significantly better and more stable on Windows.

Essentially, you upload your Word file to Adobe, we convert it on Windows, and send it back to you. I am currently a subscriber but once I upload a document created on Mac for PDF conversion only the hyperlinks created throughout the document work. The TOC does not. Am I doing something wrong?

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I think you are on the Mac. Is it possible in word or PDF to add link for these topics automatically. Steps: 1. Click on Save As 2.

How to Create a Table of Contents in Word for Mac

Click on Options button below the file type dropdown list 4. Select Document Structure Tags for accessibility 6. Save the file and …. You are done…. You will not only have the TOC links embedded , but also the bookmarks will be added in the PDF for easy navigation using the left hand side navigation pane in Acrobat Reader. That works OK in most cases but that feature is not available on the Mac, fyi. Also, Office will rasterize in OpenType fonts in the document. I did some research on this and it turned out to be an easily fixable issue in Word itself.

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John More says:. For adding a table of content automatically, you need to be at the page where you want to add a table of content. Hit enter key to create enough space, again go up to the first line and follow the below steps for inserting TOC. The length of TOC depends on the length of your document and the number of headings you have added to your document.

The TOC with built-in style works great in most cases. But there are certain cases you may need to include additional headings created with custom styles. These custom heading styles are not included in the built-in TOC. At any case, you can customize the table of contents as per your need using custom table of contents option.

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  5. Here you can choose the levels of headings, outline levels and choose table entry fields option. Table of Contents Options with Custom Styles. Table of Contents with Turning on Large Headings. When Word generates TOC, it links to the corresponding headings automatically. Hover the mouse on any of the headings on the table of contents. Scrolling to Particular Section with Hyperlinks. Microsoft has two versions of Word for Mac — and The version works as explained above while version works similar to earlier Word versions of or as explained below:.

    In the options dialog box, it will show some options which allows you to build table of contents of your choice. Unfortunately the hyperlinks of table of contents will not work in Mac version of Microsoft Word.

    You will have two options to update the TOC — update page numbers only and update entire table. Choose to update the page numbers when you have added additional content in-between resulting the headings to move to different pages. If you have modified the document including headings then choose update entire table option to update the TOC based on new content. People get confused with the levels used in TOC.